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Hammersurf surfboards are custom foam and fiberglass surfboards professionally handcrafted by Cascade Performance Fiberglass Inc. Each board is custom built in the Pacific Northwest USA. Hammersurf uses only the highest quality foam, fiberglass and resin available.

surfseriesGary SwansonCascade Performance Fiberglass owner/shaper Gary Swanson hand shapes each Hammersurf board to stock or custom specifications. His expertise as a board designer and shaper is a reflection of his 40 years of surfing and 33 years of surfboard manufacturing experience. Gary has shaped over 5,000 boards since he bought his Skil 100 planer and began to shape professionally in 1979. That same Skil planer still rough shapes every one of Gary’s surfboards. Gary Swanson has worked for such notable surfboard companies as Wilken and Ocean Surfboards in Santa Monica, Calif., and Natural Progression Surfboards in Malibu, Calif.

Fred Stangl glassingEach Hammersurf surfboard is hand glassed by Fred Stangl who has glassed surfboards professionally since 1972 with well over 11,000 boards completed. Fred has worked for many California glass shops over the years including, Wilken, Blue Cheer, Ocean, Jacobs, Natural Progression and Fluid Drive. Cascade Performance Fiberglass has established a solid reputation over the last 23 years for manufacturing top quality surfboards, sailboards and kiteboards.

The quality is reflected in the manufacturing, design and performance of each and every Hammersurf board.

Thank you for your interest in Hammersurf and supporting the U.S. surfboard industry.

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